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Paranormal Agency The Ghosts of Wayne Manor iOS Review

As with many games in the hidden object genre you’ll find that Paranormal Activity: The Ghosts of Wayne Manor is not that different. The graphics are done very well on static backgrounds and allowing you to pick up various items. Some of the items though are frustrating because you have to find the puzzle in […]


Virtual City iOS/Multiplatform Review

Virtual City is a good city builder game published by G5 Entertainment and offers a lot of things to do including a nice sandbox mode. You could say that Virtual City is a reminder of what Sim City by Maxis was and how the developer of this title gave us something to really enjoy in […]


Inbetween Land iOS Review

One thing that you can find a lot of in iTunes is hidden object games that are both freemium and premium titles that all lack one thing or another. Inbetween Land has broken that mold and given players something more to focus on. I have found that Inbetween Land is not just about finding objects […]


The Island Castaway: Lost World iOS Review

The Island Castaway: Lost World is another adventure/building title by G5 Entertainment and offers a good amount of things for players to do. The game has a slight storyline for you to follow as well if you are looking for something more than just a builder title. There is a whole set of games in […]


The Secret Society- Hidden Mystery iOS Review

The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery is a puzzle game that will have you looking for hidden objects in different pictures. The game is all about seeking out images in different pictures to complete a wide range of secrets and mysteries. Some could consider this title to be a fun and compelling detective game that will […]

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