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Paladin Aggro Deck

LOW END PALLY (AGGRO) The Paladin is a great deck to establish as an Aggressive attacker with many low mana-cost minions and your hero power. Knife Juggler is a must in this deck as it puts a lot of pressure on your opponent, because of the amount of 1 mana cost cards. This deck has […]


Warrior Aggro Deck

I decided to make the first deck idea out of the warrior, using only the cards I have earned through play and also purchased expert decks using gold. This is an aggro warrior deck that anyone can build with low budget or if you don’t want to spend real-world money on expert decks. The build […]


Hearthstone iPAD Review

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is blizzards first mobile title and is the first freemium title from the developer/publisher. The game is free to play live multiplayer card based game which is based on the popular WoW franchise. For those who played the beta could tell that through the graphics, animations and the interface this was […]


Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Lair iPad Review

Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Lair is another puzzle/hidden object title from G5 Entertainment and brings to the table some really interesting items. Players will find themselves hooked on the fun storyline that TFTDM: The Lair has and also could be caught by the beautiful graphics. This is one of those hidden object games […]


Paranormal Agency The Ghosts of Wayne Manor iOS Review

As with many games in the hidden object genre you’ll find that Paranormal Activity: The Ghosts of Wayne Manor is not that different. The graphics are done very well on static backgrounds and allowing you to pick up various items. Some of the items though are frustrating because you have to find the puzzle in […]

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